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Today's online marketplaces provide access to so many good used items, but they aren't always that close to you.  So why limit what you can buy?  Let us help have them delivered in most cases right to your door for a similar cost and no time spent.

Everyone has to travel from time to time and fuel costs are what hurt the most, gradually becoming more and more expensive each year.  So why do it for free, when you can help someone else by transporting an item listed on Muleit?

Basic Users
Basic users enjoy all of the features of Muleit.  You may browse by item or trip, click listings to view details and apply to provide service as well as list your own items and trips.
Certified Haulers
Certified Haulers enjoy all of the same features that Basic Users including a Certified Hauler Badge and search optimization in our listings.  Certified Haulers provide professional grade service and insurance for your items.  They can also haul trailers such as RV's from locations around the country.

Apply to become a Certified Hauler today!
Commercial Users are designated to deal with Heavy Equipment listings and receive Commercial Badging on our site when they either list equipment that needs moving or search for backhauls for their own.  

What if how good a used item was, mattered far more than where it was?  Welcome to MuleIt!

A place where you can find helpful people from across the country to help you move your items or packages from place to place, or just locals to help with short in town moves if you don't have a pickup truck.  It's a great way to get your stuff from point A to B without the difficulties of shipping it or renting a vehicle and saving ALL of the time to retrieve it yourself, while simultaneously reducing travel costs for your transporter.  You can also help others out by posting, then transporting things on a trip you already have planned!  Even commercial heavy haulers can use MuleIt.  Search for heavy equipment commercial listings to locate back-hauls and make every trip pay.

So after you use Buy & Sell pages to purchase goods or used items online that are outside your local area, find travellers to pack, pickup and deliver them for you on trips they are making, with MuleIt.  Whether it requires a trunk, a trailer hitch or even a commercial 5th wheel, MuleIt delivers.

Here are some of the places our partners are helping people out today!  Go on a shipping spree!

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