What if "good used" became the new "brand new"?

MuleIt is a Canadian based endeavor whose founders have backgrounds in both logistics and software engineering.  Living within smaller communities we have experienced the advantages of a close network of friends and colleagues who are able to help each other out with transporting items.  Our goals are to provide a platform to expand these networks to anyone and everyone, as well as help travelers ease the burden of high fuel costs while simultaneously helping people make more efficient use of the growing used buy and sell market that has been facilitated by online pages.

What if some portions of unnecessary travel could be reduced?

MuleIt is also conscious of the environmental impact of carbon emissions as well as inflation and the cost of new goods both being purchased and produced.  Each time one of our partners delivers an item for another, both a reduction in their carbon footprint as well as a reduction in costs of new goods production occur, facilitating more Reusing of good quality used items at drastically lower costs than purchasing new.  


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